Finding Marvel Comics in the 70’s while living in Bradenton, Florida, Brendan made it his mission to find the back issues and histories of the Marvel Universe through a stack of old Marvel Tales and mail order lists found in comic book ads. In ’78 his family moved to Orlando where he was introduced to Jim Ivey’s Cartoon Museum, Enterprise 1701, and the original Orlando Con, which would provide the comic fix that morphed into the Coliseum chain in ’83 when the Boyle brothers combined their collections. He claims to have been at the table when the first house rule was introduced in D&D. He has recently taken up residence at The Collective, formerly known as the Altamonte Coliseum to pursue a bold new direction in the comic and game industry.

A self described, “swamp witch,” Dani was raised both in Las Vegas, Nevada and Lakeland, Florida.  In her early youth, she developed a love for anime.  However, she would transfer that love to western comics upon experiencing Hellboy or the first time.  This lead Dani to also discover the likes of Umbrella Academy and Batman, which remain her favorites to this day.  Since the age 4, she has been an avid artist and has honed that passion into a love for illustrating and character creation.  This love of story telling caused her to fall in with the D&D crowd where she uses those skills to embark upon epic quests with her friends.  In Dani’s free time she continues to draw, and is also working on a novel!

Spencer comes from an exotic land that the locals refer to as “Florida.”  As a wee lad, he was given Amazing Spider-Man newspaper strips from his grandfather, and still has a love for the web slinging, wall crawler.  Spencer also has a strong love for the Invincible comic series from Image / Skybound, and buys just about everything Ryan Ottley works on.  In his downtime, Spence can be found indulging himself in craft beer, and a nice round of Super Smash Brothers.

Born in Tampa, Florida, Matt grew up on a variety of comics but ultimately found his favorite in the anti-hero SPAWN. Despite continuing to read SPAWN since the 90’s, in his younger years Matt took an exceptional liking to many different collectible card games, in particular Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Magic the Gathering.  Since the late 90’s, and early 00’s, Matt has been collecting and playing Magic the Gathering regularly.  He is also always willing show new players the way and get them started!

Steven is a native Philadelphian, who shares an equal love for comics and professional wrestling.  As a young boy growing up in the 90’s, he was raised on a healthy mix of the Spider-Man animated series, and the WWE Attitude Era.  Honestly, we can only pity his mother and younger brother for all the pillow “chair shots” and numerous busted couches and box springs from either pretending to web swing across NYC, or win the WWE Championship in the main event of Wrestlemania.  When it comes to collecting, Steven recalls purchasing his first comics from a stand at the Booths Corner Farmers Market in Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania at the age of seven, and even still has those copies of Spider-Girl #4 and Wolverine #131 in his collection to this day.  Late in 2014, Steven moved to Central Florida for school, and has been a friend of The Collective ever since the store first opened under the Coliseum banner in 2016.  Now, whether he’s Stone Cold stunning us with his top notch graphic design work, or laying the smackdown with his social media expertise, he holds the great power and responsibility of making us look good both in the store, and online!